Vintage Neon Signs For Sale

1940's Packard 6 foot Double-Face Sign.

1940's Gold Nugget 6 foot Double-Face Sign

1940's Philco 6 foot Double-Face Sign

1940's Rexall 6 foot Single-Face Sign.

1950's Chevron 6 foot Single-Face Sign

1940's 4 foot Single-Face Cocktails Sign

1940's Crosley 6 foot Single-Face Sign

1950's Golden State 6 foot Single-Face Sign

1940's Mobil 6 ft. Single-Face Animated Sign

1940's Pontiac 36" Single-Face Sign

1920's ICE 6 foot Double-Face Sign

1940's CONOCO 6 foot Double-Face Sign

1950's TV/Radio 4 foot Single-Face Sign

1960's GE TV 36" Single-Face Sign

All signs will have prices marked at the sale. Priced from $250 to $25,000+ depending upon size, rarity and condition.

1950's Engine Repair 30" Single-Face Sign

1950's RCA 36" Single-Face Sign

1950's Alka-Seltzer 30" Single-Face Sign

1940's Prescriptions Countertop Sign

Modern Signal Gas 24" Single-Face Sign

Modern Stewart-Warner 24" Single-Face Sign

1940's Van de Kamp's 78" Animated Sign

1950's Tung Sol 24" high single-face Sign

1950's Doris Dodson Countertop Sign

1940's Wolf's Head 24" Neon Clock

More to Come!

1940's Buster Brown Shoe Store - Single-face

1940's 6 ft. Ford Service Arrow - Single-face

1950's 6 ft. Richfield Gas - Double-face

1950's Quarterdeck Lounge. 13 ft. long!
This was the bar at the historic San Carlos Hotel
in Monterey, California (1926-1981). In the
1950's and 60's it was a popular hangout
for Dean Martin and his "Rat Pack" buddies.
After the hotel was demolished, Verne Howell
acquired the sign. It was one of his favorites.
Original condition throughout!

Modern 30" Houdaille Shocks - Single-face

8 ft. GULF. 30"h. separate letters - Single-face

8 ft. Buick Lubricare - Single-face

Incredible 7 foot x 7 foot sign!
Original paint. Restored neon.
Originally hung at The Ark Restaurant/Bar
in Oakland, California circa 1940-1980.
It was a popular hangout for local
mob members and "wise guys."
Acquired by Verne Howell from the
demolition contractor who tore down
the building. A stunning piece!